Jul 10, 2007

Consider New Faces For Polls - Khairy Says

(BERNAMA) The younger generation should be given a chance to contest in the next general election, UMNO Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin said.

"In line with our effort to introduce more new faces, I hope that these people would be considered as possible candidates. But it's up to the party leadership to choose the candidates," he told reporters after the opening of Rasah UMNO Youth and Wanita division delegates conferences here Sunday night.

Khairy was hopeful that the trend of fielding new faces, like what was seen in the 2004 polls, would continue.

He said this was necessary because in politics, continuous efforts were needed to rejuvenate the party and government.

"New faces can come not only from Umno Youth but also Wanita and Puteri Umno. And they can also include those who're already around and prepared (to shoulder greater responsibility)," he said.

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