Oct 10, 2008

Khairy camp cries foul over Kimanis nomination

(Malaysiakini) Supporters of Umno Youth chief aspirant Khairy Jamaluddin are crying foul over the outcome of the Kimanis, Sabah, division meeting yesterday, where rival Mukhriz Mahathir won his first nomination for the wing's topmost post.

A Khairy supporter told Malaysiakini that between 45 to 50 supporters were barred from returning to the Membakut Community Hall near Papar, where the meeting to nominate the Youth top posts was being held.

The group had taken a break from the 12-hour long meeting to go for their Maghrib prayers. But when they returned, they were not allowed to re-enter the hall.

An election by a show of hands later took place, with Mukhriz capturing 51 votes and Khairy pulling 31.

“All the candidates want to see a respectable, democratic and friendly contest, which is why we hope Kimanis will be an isolated event. So far, it has been the only sad episode,” the supporter said.

“After all, our biggest concern is the next general election where Umno must convince young Malaysians to back Barisan Nasional, not fighting among ourselves.”

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