Aug 29, 2006

Khairy to meet BN Youth

(The Star) KUALA SELANGOR: A meeting of the Barisan Nasional Youth wings will be called to allow Umno Youth deputy head Khairy Jamaluddin to explain remarks attributed to him which had caused an uproar.

Umno Youth chief Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein said he had spoken to MCA, MIC and Gerakan Youth chiefs and made arrangements for Khairy to explain to them.

“If there was a misunderstanding and if he (Khairy) had been misquoted, there is no reason for him to apologise.

“But if the misunderstanding had created confusion and it’s the confusion that we have to apologise for, then there’s nothing wrong with that,” he told reporters after opening the Kuala Selangor Umno delegates conference yesterday.

However, said Hishammuddin, he would call for the meeting only after the situation had become calmer.

He said that as the Barisan Youth chief he would settle the matter wisely and amicably.

Earlier, in his speech, he said MCA Youth should not push for an apology from Khairy as Umno members would be angry with such a move.

“We told the MCA that Khairy had said he was misinterpreted by the press and we have explained this through the right channel,” said Hishammuddin.

He also urged Umno Youth members not to succumb to their anger.

“Make your stand known but don’t act until you get instructions. We have the right platform to iron out the issue with the MCA Youth leaders.”

He also urged all Youth leaders not to be led by their emotions and not question issues pertaining to Malay rights that were raised in Umno meetings.

Earlier, Barisan chairman Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Khairy should clarify and explain his comments which seem to have offended some component parties.

“I do not know what he really said. I told him if people ask for an explanation, then he has to answer,” said the Umno president and Prime Minister.

To a question on his advice to Khairy, Abdullah said: “My advice to him and to anyone else is that they should be careful when making statements because this could result in misunderstanding.”

“So it is very important to be careful when making comments. In Barisan Nasional, we have parties of different races in it, and if something comes up which is sensitive, then of course people would react to it.

“So Khairy should explain to them because they want to know from him,” he added.

Asked if Khairy should apologise, Abdullah said this would depend on what he had said.

“Only he knows whether what he said was the same as or different from what was reported,” he said yesterday.

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